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Amid the pandemic, individuals have become so accustomed to wearing masks and attending events with caution that when spring allergies roll around, it’s as if they forgot the basic principles that helped them avoid seasonal sickness in their prior years. Although some seasonal allergies may be difficult to evade, continue reading for some general tips for staying healthy this spring.

Get Outside

Winter weather turns the vast majority of individuals into homebodies, not leaving their warm abodes until warmer weather arrives. However, staying inside for months can actually make you more prone to sicknesses come spring. Staying indoors gives you less exposure to the sun’s nutrients, exposes you to dry air from your heating which can dry your nasal passages and beckons you to avoid exercise. As spring approaches, take it upon yourself to get in the habit of getting outside and resuming an outdoor exercise routine.

Eat Your Fill of In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

Spring welcomes a variety of fruits and vegetables into its arms, as the environment produces prime conditions for growth. Make a transition from indulging in winter comfort foods to meal prepping and cooking healthy recipes that feed life back into your body. As you convert your daily diet to include more of these natural nutrient-heavy foods, you’ll soon realize you have more energy and organic supplements in your body that help fight off sicknesses.

Be Mindful of Allergens

For some, spring allergies are used as another excuse to stay indoors. However, these allergens can be just as rampant in your home as they are outdoors. These indoor allergens have inspired many to partake in spring cleaning throughout the years, as this intentional deep-cleaning of your home can help rid of deep-seated dust and other allergens that may be trigging your immune system. When spending time outdoors, those that suffer from seasonal allergies might need to take preemptive measures by utilizing a nasal spray or taking allergy pills.

Develop a Sunscreen Habit

If you’ve been neglecting your skincare over the winter months, spring is the time to take it up a notch. Regardless of the temperature outside, the sun still has the potential to harm your skin if precautions are not taken. A simple habit to begin is simply putting sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas of your body. Even if you plan on spending a mere ten minutes outside, you still are exposed to the sunshine while driving in your car or sitting by the window. Make a habit of applying sunscreen each day; your skin will thank you later.